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Your plan for physical therapy will be based on the evaluation and on your individual goals.  It will include most of the following types of treatment:

  • Manual Therapy to decrease pain, spasm and/or mechanical joint dysfunction. Our therapists have education and experience in a broad range of manual therapy techniques including Australian, Norwegian and Osteopathic techniques. We also utilize therapeutic taping such as McConnell, Mulligan and Kinesiotape techniques.

Pien van den Herik, PT, MA applies Kinesiotape to decrease edema in a post-operative knee condition. 

  • Therapeutic Exercise to correct muscle imbalance, gain strength, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Neuromuscular Reeducation to improve balance ability and sense of body position in space.

Dawn Loretz, PT, OCS cues patient in proper technique for performing hip external rotation     with core stabilization and without substitution of the hip flexor muscles.

  • Gait Training to ensure correct gait mechanics, to assess for the need of an assistive device and to train you for safety and efficiency in your walking.
  • Modalities such as ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound.
  • Self-management techniques to ensure proper postural movement patterns. For instance, this may involve ergonomic changes to your body position during sports/work/leisure activities, use of adaptive equipment or footwear, or behavioral changes such as taking breaks at certain intervals.
  • Wellness advice to prevent further injury or risk of new injury. For example, we may review your current exercise routine for your individual safety and appropriateness or we may recommend certain types of exercise such as Pilates or Yoga. We can perform fall-risk screening and recommend how you can make your home environment more safe. You can also obtain advice and training specific to your sport.

Andrea Long, PT, MPT, CSCS assists patient to perform hip abduction exercise without inappropriate compensation and with appropriate stabilization.