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Every patient at SOS will have two "accounts" with us.

1.  SERVICES ACCOUNT:  This account will track your physical therapy SERVICE charges and payments for SERVICES.  These are the charges that will be submitted to your insurance company, if you use insurance, or to you personally, if you are a Cash-Pay patient.  These are the payments that we receive from you or from your insurance company for SERVICES rendered to you by our physical therapy staff.

 We use an outside billing company, BMS, to manage the billing of our service charges.  Once your insurance has processed your claim they will send you an explanation of benefits, or EOB.  This may take any where from two weeks to "infinity and beyond."  It is not until we receive the EOB that we really know what the insurance company is going to assign as your patient responsibility.  At that time BMS will enter the reimbursement information onto the billing system.
A statement will then be generated and you will be billed if you owe us any payment. Please realize that the insurance companies will do everything in their power to delay payment for our services.  If you receive a bill from us one year after your visit it will be because the insurance company took that long to process the claim.
2.  EQUIPMENT ACCOUNT:  This account will track any equipment purchases that you make at our facility such as tape, theraband, gym balls, etc.  Equipment is not reimbursed by insurance.  You must pay for equipment at the time of purchase.  Equipment charges and payments WILL NOT BE REFLECTED ON YOUR SERVICES ACCOUNT.  You will always receive a receipt for equipment purchases.  If you pay for both your PT service and equipment with one payment, the receipt will show the break down between the two accounts.  Please keep this receipt for your records.  We also keep copies of these receipts.


Payments made in the office for co-payments or co-insurance down payments or for deductible down payments and payments made by mail will be posted within 24 hours and will upload to the BMS website at that time.  
Sometimes your payment will "cross" in the mail with the billing of our statements.  You can wait until the following month to see if the payment was received or you can always give us a call if you have any questions.

When you make a payment for your services, that payment is pooled into your individual patient payment account.  When the insurance processes our claims and sends us their explanation of benefits, it assign you a "patient responsibility " amount for that date of service.  We then remove that amount from your payment account and apply it to that date of service.  Please be aware that a payment that you might make one week may be applied to a different week's visit if the insurance pays out of order or the amount of your payment is different from the amount owed.  The easiest way for you to track your payments and compare them to the amount of your responsibility is to add all of your payments into one lump sum and then to add all of the amounts that you owe into one lump sum and compare the two sums.


We use BMS Practice Solutions for our billing and reimbursement services.  Our team leader at BMS is Maria Cortez.  You can contact her at  1 800 478-2778.

Please contact BMS if you have any questions about insurance reimbursement.

Please contact us at SOS if you have any questions about payments that you have made or about our office policies.