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SOS physical therapy staff (current and former staff) with one of our mentors, Brian Mulligan, at a continuing education course in 2015.

From left to right, back row: Dawn Loretz, Katie Rittenberg, John King, Brian Mulligan, Nancy Bryan, with ex SOS therapists Pien van den Herik and Cicely Hart. 
Front row: Andrea Long and Lisa Gibson.


SOS maintains one of the most qualified physical therapy staffs in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our therapists are dedicated to their patients.  They are also dedicated to the physical therapy profession and continually seek to improve their knowledge. All of the physical therapists at SOS adhere strictly to the Professional Code of Ethics established by the American Physical Therapy Association. 

    •    Nancy Bryan, PT, MA, graduated from UC Berkeley in 1973 with a degree in Dramatic
Art and Dance. She received her Masters degree in Physical Therapy from Stanford
University in 1981. Nancy pursued a dance career as a teacher, dancer and choreographer in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City from 1969 through 1988. Nancy was the artistic director of Nancy Bryan and Dancers from 1979 to 1988. Her dance company was selected to perform at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival. She continues her dance training with Sally Streets at Berkeley Ballet Theater and studies Cuban style Salsa.
She received her Pilates certification in 1988 and has completed both the Redwood Physical Therapy Australian Approach to Manual Therapy (1991) and the Folsom Physical Therapy Manual Therapy (1993) Long Term programs.
She published an article on dance rehabilitation entitled The Ballet Dancer, with co-author Britt Smith, MS, DPT, OCS in Spine in 1991.
Nancy believes that a comprehensive patient evaluation is the key to helping her patients succeed with rehabilitation. An effective evaluation allows for treatment to be tailored to the whole person and not just to the person's pathology. While she enjoys using her manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation skills, she is most satisfied when she knows that her patients have gained knowledge in how to manage their own unique physical problems.
    •    Nancy is a clinic owner and a founding member of SOS since 1988

    •    John Richard King, PT, MS, graduated from UC Davis in 1980 with a degree in Physiology.  He received his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Boston University in 1982. 
John was the manager of the outpatient physical therapy program for Alta Bates, Sportscare, in the late 80's.  In 1988 he recruited Nancy Bryan and Britt Smith to join him as partners in opening Sports and Orthopedic Specialists. John acted as the Managing Partner for SOS until 2003.  Since 2003, John and Nancy have co-managed the day to day operations of the clinic.  John has an extensive background in sports. When he has time to break free of his duties to his patients and the clinic, John enjoys playing golf, tennis and skiing.  He has two athletically inclined sons who have benefited from his expertise in strength and conditioning and his sports specific coaching abilities, as have his patients
    •    John is a clinic owner and a founding member of SOS since 1988

   •     Lisa Gibson, PT, DPT, ART® graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 1993 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado School of Medecine in 2009.
Lisa is Full Body Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART®), a soft-tissue management system that helps break down scar tissue/adhesions that can interfere with optimal muscle, tendon, nerve and joint mobility. She has found ART® to be particularly helpful in resolving repetitive stress injuries of the upper and lower body as a result of non-optimal postures and movement patterns with daily activities including work and athletic pursuits.
As part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, Lisa utilizes a combination of corrective exercises, hands-on techniques including ART® and joint mobilizations, therapeutic taping, and education/training on optimal posture, gait, body mechanics, and computer/work ergonomics.
She has taken post-graduate courses in, and also enjoys treating pelvic floor muscle dysfunction (PFMD). PFMD can result in symptoms such as stress incontinence (e.g. leakage with exercise, cough, sneezing), urinary urgency, and pain with intercourse.
  Lisa is a lifelong athlete, she played collegiate volleyball and continues to play sand doubles volleyball, run, bike, and (of course) perform corrective exercises to restore and maintain her musculoskeletal balance.
 •    Lisa has been a member of the SOS team since 2013       

•    Andrea Long, PT, MPT, CSCS, graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors of Science in Zoology in 1996.  She received her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy  from the University of Iowa in 1998. 
Andrea enhanced her education by becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS).  She feels that her CSCS training has provided her with a greater depth of knowledge relative to proper sports specific training for her  patients.  She has participated in several sports activities including, swimming, skiing, golfing, soccer and hiking. 
Andrea incorporates her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics into treating the body as a whole when evaluating and treating injuries.  A comprehensive gait analysis, Andrea has found, is key in whole body treatment. Andrea has taken several continuing education classes to improve her overall skill set, including treatment of sacroiliac dysfunction, post-operative knee rehabilitation and cervical spine dysfunction.  Her use of tape and mobilization with movement has proven to be a powerful combination in treatment of the shoulder and knee.
    •    Andrea has been a member of the SOS team since 2002 

    •    Dawn Loretz, PT, OCS, received her Physical Therapy degree in 1990 from Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. She completed a year-long residency program in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy at Kaiser Hayward, California. She has been certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist by the APTA since 1999.
Dawn is happy to teach her patients about their injuries and to help them heal to the best of their abilities. She focuses on posture, core strength and coordination with a tailored exercise program, manual therapy, and lots of encouragement.
Dawn also teaches a prenatal exercise class in the evening, runs around after her two young children and is consistent with her yoga practice.  
    •    Dawn has been a member of the SOS team since 1997.

    •    Katie Rittenberg, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1997 with a BS in Science Preprofessional Studies.  She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2000.  Since becoming a physical therapist she has enjoyed pursuing further educational opportunities.  She became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 2003, and an Orthopedic Certified Specialist in 2005. In 2010, she received a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy from the McKenzie Institute.  Katie worked for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago:  Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Center from 2002 to 2010.  In 2010 she relocated to Oakland and joined Sports and Orthopedic Specialists.  Katie believes completing a thorough history and examination, as well as gaining an understanding of her patient’s goals are critical components to beginning a successful rehabilitation program.  When she is not working, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons.
    •    Katie has been a member of the SOS team since 2010.

SOS PTs and front office staff celebrate SOS's 25th Anniversary with a little bocce ball in August of 2013!


Our front office staff is dedicated to providing excellence in customer service.  They manage the difficult task of scheduling on-going appointments for patients which usually need a revision or two as the patient's weeks of rehabilitation proceed.  Our office protocols are geared to providing a "checks and balances" approach to avoid errors.  Please understand the necessity of complying with these protocols as they have developed over many years of trial and error.  They are ultimately in place in order to improve efficiency and provide for a satisfying patient/staff relationship.
Our current staff is comprised of Frances Nettles, Trish Watson and Barbara Pfeiffer.


    •    Trish Watson